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FMS Learners Fish at Edson Fichter Pond
 FMS Learners Play Disc Golf


Franklin Middle School would like to welcome you. It is the goal of Franklin Middle School to form a close knit community where learners, parents, and staff feel valued, safe, and respected. This school is committed to academic success for all of the learners. The staff works with the learners and parents to help each learner meet or exceed their potential. We are committed to doing our part in this process: providing a challenging curriculum, building a relationship with our learners, holding our learners accountable, and not allowing them to opt out of their learning. As a learner at FMS, your part in this process includes: coming to school every day, doing your best on the work assigned, and taking advantage of all the opportunities to be involved in school. As a parent of a learner at FMS, your part in this process includes: making sure your child comes to school, checking their homework, checking online for updated grades, and calling if you have any questions. Together we can make this year a success for all.

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I love sharing literature that offers a new perspective on life. I love the bright young humans that I get to spend my days with. I love the energy and vibrancy inside our school. Every day is a new adventure, and students say something to make me smile every single day.  Mrs. Morton